Global Institute for the Study and Research Journal (GISR-J)

Journal of the emerging issued by the Global Institute for the study and research. (GISR-J) interesting and publishing researches in all areas of knowledge

 (GISR-J)  publish  studies and research  for Authors of faculty stuff,  professors and researchers in all fields of knowledge. Studies and researches  will be published in English language and Arabic language.

 (GISR -J) is a scientific journal give  quick and accurate peer- reviewing  , and very soon publishing . (GISR -J) ensure peer- reviewing  within 21 days of receiving author's manuscript, and publish manuscript within 30 days of acceptance.

(GISR -J) Vision:

Leadingjournal for study and research, publishes scientific products for all researchers in all fields of knowledge, according to high scientific standards.


(GISR -J) Mission:

Facilitate scientific Publication, and to remove barriers prevent authors to publish their production.


(GISR -J) Goals:

  1. Enhancing of scientific research.
  2. Distributing knowledge as much as possible .
  3. Creating researchers networks in all areas of researches .
  4. Removing barriers that prevent or delay the publication of researchers.
  5. facilitating audience access to the results of researches .
  6. Increasing the use of scientific researches.
  7. Supporting for new researchers through the publication of their researches.
  8. Reducing publishing procedures and time without prejudice to its quality .