The Journal of the Global  Institute for Research and Research is committed to conducting the following ethical practices and follow-up of the stakeholders to achieve them on the ground at all stages of publication, which sets standards and provides guidelines for best practices in order to meet these requirements. The following is a summary of our main expectations from editors, reviewers, and authors. And the publisher.

Ethical rules

Rules for editors

 Objective working away from self and personal perceptions, perspectives towards authors based on race, sex, religion or geography.

Dealing with the revisions in the same manner as the original paper so that the academic aspects are taken into consideration only.

In case of objection or complaint, it is dealt with objectively, giving the author the right to clarify his point of view. Note that the journal will keep all documents related to the complaint.

Role of reviewers

Review the paper accurately and in a timely manner. And show the opinion in order to improve the quality of published research.

Maintain the confidentiality of any information required by its nature and provided by the author or author. And not to keep a copy of the non-objectives of arbitration

Reference to content similar to or derived from other sources.

Awareness of potential conflicts of interest (financial, professional or otherwise).

Role of authors:

The author must keep all records and documents associated with the paper and provide access to it when needed.

The undertaking that the manuscript as submitted is not under consideration or accepted for publication elsewhere.

Undertaking that all work in the manuscript submitted is original and when it is necessary to return to other sources, make it clear by quotation and offer the necessary permission to do so

Observe the laws in force when applying research to humans or animals. Authors should obtain explicit permission from humans and respect their privacy.

Advertise any potential conflict of interest

Report to the magazine as soon as possible if there is a mistake in the search or publication and work editors to remove it and notify readers

Role of the Journal of the International Institute for Research and Research:

  • The Global Institute for Research and Research (GISRJ) is committed to meeting the criteria set out above.


Procedures for dealing with immoral behavior

Identification of immoral behavior.

  • The Journal of the Global Institute for Research and Research (GISRJ) is committed to following up misconduct and immoral behavior on a permanent and continuous basis, and is keen on the editors and arbitrators to pay attention to it
  • In case of suspicion of immoral behavior, sufficient evidence must be provided to the editors and the magazine so that the journal can verify it. All charges will be taken seriously.


  • The editor makes a preliminary decision in consultation with the management of the Journal of the International Institute for Research and Research.
  • No claim should be made before all data and evidence are collected. Taking into account the authority to publish the claim.

Minor irregularities

  • Simple misconduct can be dealt with under a brief panel of arbitrators.

Serious violations

Serious misconduct may require notification of the employer if necessary, and this is done after consultation between the editorial board and the management of the journal.

  • Inform or educate the author or arbitrator that there appears to be a misconception or misapplication of accepted standards.
  • A more powerful letter to the author or reviewer covering misconduct and as a cautionary measure of future conduct.
  • Publication of an editorial detailing misconduct.
  • An official letter to the head of the author, auditor or finance agency.
  • A ban on author contributions for a specified period.
  • Inform the author of the case and result and provide them with evidence for further investigation.